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Spirit of 4-H Award

In keeping with the Holstein Ontario’s philosophy about the importance of valuing our youth in the dairy industry, an award was developed to recognize outstanding 4-H Dairy Calf Club members who exhibit strength of character and are making a positive difference within their community.

The award, sponsored by Holstein Ontario, is designed to recognize the contribution of a 4-H member in each county, through their leadership, dedication and commitment to the 4-H program, as well as noteworthy achievements and contributions to the community. This program is open to youth from all dairy breeds.

Individual County recipients will receive a suitable award that will be presented at the local Holstein Club’s Annual Banquet/Meeting or another appropriate club function.

Dairy Calf Club Leaders and members should contact their local Holstein Club or Holstein Ontario office for more information.

Elgibility & Selection


A 4-H member who has:

  • Completed at least one (1) dairy calf project

  • Shown leadership to younger members

  • Been a dedicated member to the club (i.e. attendance at meetings)

  • Involvement in other 4-H activities, including out-of-county events

  • Interest and/or involvement in local breed functions

  • Involvement in the community

Previous winners not eligible for a second award. An award should only be given if there is a deserving recipient in the county.

Emphasis should be placed on the above criteria rather than the amount of success the individual has achieved in the show ring.


The winner of this award will be chosen by a committee appointed by the local Holstein Club and should include:

  • A local Holstein Club Director or Club Secretary.

  • The Holstein Club Youth Contact Person.

  • Dairy 4-H Club Leaders in the area.

In the future, a previous winner could be included on the selection committee.

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