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Heart of the Herd

Heart of the Herd

Our Heart of the Herd competition was relaunched in 2018. In the new format, all animals Bred & Owned by an Ontario Member are eligible, no entry required. Top provincial and county winners will be recognized.

Minimum Requirements:

Animals meeting the below minimum requirements are assigned points as per the formula, with the top number of points awarded being declared the winner.

  1.  Must be classified 85 or higher.

  2.  Must have produced at least 60,000kg lifetime.

  3.  Must be alive in the year of competition (determined by lactations and/or calvings occurring in the year in question).


  • Classification: 5 points awarded for scoring 85, with 1 point added for every point above 85, and 1 point added for every ME.

  • Longtime Production: 6 points awarded to a cow that has 60,000kg, one extra point awarded for every 10,000kg over 60,000kg.

  • Lactations: awarded 1 point per lactation.

  • Superior Lactations & Progeny: awarded 1 point per superior lactation and 1 point for every son/daughter that has scored VG/EX, to a combined cap of 10 points.

  • All-Ontario: 1 point for every All-Ontario nomination in milking form.

Tie-Breaker: Most kgs. Lifetime Butterfat.

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