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Judges Program

In 2017, Holstein Ontario and The Ontario Judges Committee were pleased to introduce a new Judging Program. The mission was to identify, develop and promote the best Judges in Ontario.   After several years of discussions, a “Level System” for Judges has been developed.  Judges have been assigned a level, based upon their experience and skill from Level 1 to Level 5.  Level 5 being the elite level of Judges in Ontario.  A new Judges Training Program called JEP, will monitor future potential Judges, that meet the necessary criteria to advance to Level 1.   Judges who excel and meet the standards outlined in the program may be advanced to the higher levels.

One of the cornerstones of the program, is to match the size and description of each show to the individual Judge’s approved level. To achieve this, we are asking 4-H Leaders, Show Committees, and Fair Boards to select the suggested level of Judge, to match the size and characteristics of each show.  This will benefit our Judges by providing them with the optimum experience for development, and give the individuals who are selecting a Judge, added information and more confidence in their selection.

The new program will also introduce a mentoring system to further the development of our Judges.   A Mentor will evaluate the younger Judge during a show.   After the show, the Mentor will offer comments or recommendations and file an assessment report with the Ontario Judges Committee.  The Committee will monitor each Judge’s development and consider future advancement based upon qualifications, mentor assessments and an interview.

The new program is designed to help develop and promote judging excellence at every level. If you have questions or need assistance selecting a Judge, please contact a member of the Ontario Judges Committee or the Holstein Ontario staff.

Level Designations

  • Level 1 Judge capable of judging 4-H Club Shows, Twilight & Barn Meetings

  • Level 2 Judge capable of judging 4-H Club County Shows, larger Heifer only Shows & smaller County Shows

  • Level 3 Judge capable of judging 4-H Regional Shows, County Shows & some International assignments

  • Level 4 Judge capable of judging 4-H Championship Shows, County Holstein Shows, Regional Championship Shows, National & International Shows

  • Level 5 Judge has judged at the highest level

Judges Committee

East-Central Representative: Dan Doner (Chairman) cell: 905-259-4142

West-Central Representative: Brian Carscadden cell: 416-990-8018

Eastern Representative: Herb Henderson  cell: 613-795-5115 

Western Representative: Curtis McNeil  cell: 519-525-2948

Holstein Ontario Director: Alan Hawthorne  cell: 519-292-6528

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