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General Show Info

Rules and Agreement Forms

Rules for showing practices are required to ensure the best interests of all involved in the dairy cattle industry. It is important that Holstein Ontario endorse good animal husbandry practices, and promote the spirit of fair play.

The documents prepared by Holstein Canada offer direction and protection for show committees and/or fair boards in the administration of a dairy show.

Rules and Regulations Link

Holstein Ontario requires all show organizers to implement these practices in order to be recognized as an officially sanctioned County or Regional Show.

Show Support 

Holstein Ontario will make every effort to provide clerking support at official County and Regional Shows across Ontario. Included in this responsibility Holstein Ontario will provide the official results to Holstein Canada, to be uploaded to pedigrees. We ask that you please let Holstein Ontario know what support you will need for your show in advance.

Official Classes

Holstein Ontario follows the guidelines set by Holstein Canada for classes. 

Holstein Canada Classes

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